Cloud Backup

6 November 2015 Counting comments…

Cloud Backup; what is it and how will it help my business?

For many years, organisations have been using traditional backup methods such as on premise tape backups to protect data in the case of a disaster recovery situation. However, more and more organisations are making the decision to switch to cloud based backup. If you take a look at both approaches, it’s not hard to see the added benefits of switching to a cloud storage system. It’s no secret that on premise backup systems add significant financial overheads when you include costs of hardware and software appliances.

If your company is using on premise backup, there are a few drawbacks worth knowing about. With on premise you are not connected to your data 24/7, meaning that after a successful backup, the data needs to be transported back to the on premise system and restored. All this moving back and forward increases the risk of storage tapes becoming damaged and wastes valuable time and resources. The cost of logistics involved with this method alone can add a hefty and unnecessary overhead to as business.

The difference with cloud backup systems is that you don’t encounter the same issues. From a management perspective, it requires very little maintenance, unlike on premise backup which as we know requires a degree of management and upkeep, cloud storage requires very little administration as the service will run automatically, and since the system runs automatically it reduces the risk of error with little to no human interaction required.

Switching to a cloud based system will allow companies to fully encrypt their data before it leaves their premises. The data is then sent to an online data centre which means in the case of a data loss situation you can retrieve what you’re looking for anytime, anywhere. Another main advantage of implementing the cloud is the reduction in costs. Cloud storage is cost effective and requires no additional software or hardware appliances. Most cloud systems are pay as you go and you only pay for what you use, making it financially easier for a company to manage.

Data backup is a standard business practice that is a crucial requirement for nearly every business. In a world that is so dependent on data, it’s vital that businesses get up to date with the latest technology available. Cloud Backup has quickly become the number one choice for data storage. Businesses still using traditional methods run the risk of being left in the dark and need to consider switching to a more secure and cost effective method, that is the cloud.