Sage CRM

Accelerated sales - track your sales opportunities effectively from lead generation to close

Sage CRM Cloud

Sage CRM Cloud works on Blackberry and iPhones for anytime, anywhere access with one monthly fee getting you everything - your Sage CRM application, support, training, backups and upgrades.

  • Accelerated Sales
    Accelerated Sales – Track your sales opportunities effectively from lead generation to close
  • Targeted Marketing
    Plan, execute and evaluate the success of your marketing campaigns with ease
  • Exceptional Service
    Exceed your customers’ expectations with outstanding customer service and support
  • Mobile CRM
    Enable your workforce to access critical customer information anytime, anywhere
Sage CRM Solutions – Sherwood Systems
Sage CRM Solutions – Sherwood Systems
  • Email marketing
    Send targeted email marketing campaigns to the right people at the right time
  • Social CRM
    Maximise customer communications through integrated social media channels
  • Sage CRM & Sage ERP
    Connect the different parts of your business with houned-up CRM and ERP solutions
  • Sage CRM Builder
    Adapt and extend Sage CRM to manage any area of your business

Sage CRM Technical Info

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