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Time Systems and Attendance automates your processes by integrating seamlessly with Sage HRMS, an in-house solution comprised of HR, payroll, benefits and recruiting applications, as well as optional web-based manager/employee self-service functions—all available through a secure Microsoft Windows® environment.

Data collection

For all employee populations with real-time web-punching, flexible, spreadsheet-style time recording, and a vast array of supported Time Systems and mobile devices, Time Systems and Attendance can pull information from the most appropriate data collection devices for each of your employee populations.

Time Systems Systems – Sherwood Systems
Time Systems Systems – Sherwood Systems

Built for optimum configurability to execute even the most complicated calculations and policies, the Time Systems and Attendance powerful rules engine supports intricate shift differentials, premium conditions, holiday rules, pay-to-schedule, automated labour allocation, break and lunch rules, union policies, regulatory labour laws, and much more.

Flexible approvals workflow

Tailor your approvals workflow to meet your business culture and streamline your review and sign-off processes. Time Systems and Attendance offers highly adaptable supervisor and employee approval workflow, with comprehensive control for enforcing pre- and post-approval rights and responsibilities.

Time Systems Systems – Sherwood Systems
Time Systems Systems – Sherwood Systems
Security and auditing

Security and accountability are at the very core of your Time Systems and Attendance solution. Typically deployed over the web or corporate LAN/WAN through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), every user interaction is 100 percent encrypted. The fine-grained, “roles-based” security subsystem ensures that each user has access to only the exact data and employees they are authorized to manage. Additional security highlights include an exhaustive audit trail of all changes to your critical labor and schedule data, IP-based security for restricting access to authorized computer networks, one-way password encryption, and much more.

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