Sherwood Systems will find the right technical infrastructure to help “know and show” what’s happening in every aspect of your operations with superior speed and clarity.

In a challenging political and economic landscape, local government departments are under tremendous pressure to acquire, secure, and maintain funding sources to ensure their continued operation.

Sage sets the standard for compliance, even for the most stringent of requirements. Flexible reporting and the detailed audit log ensures transparency for all operations and financial activities.

Having effective accounting software in place will ensure compliance with the various legislation surrounding your operations. Sherwood clients trust Sage to ensure financial and HR records are well managed and fully up to date. You will also be able to budget more effectively and plan for the future, helping you focus more clearly on your goals. There are a number of ways in which Sage products can help you do that.



 Increasing process efficiency and revenue.


 Consolidating across multiple entities.


 Budgeting and Forecasting.


 Implementing internal audit controls.


 Facilitating audits and compliance reporting.


 Reporting and Visibility.


Regardless of the government department, every Financial Controller faces both common and unique challenges and pressures. There are always tight budgets, primitive tools (think of dozens of spreadsheets from multiple contributors), and far-flung management teams. The fact is, most Financial Controllers are under the gun to achieve so much: to automate processes, improve productivity, create greater levels of transparency and visibility, enhance the governance of the organization, and strengthen the team’s decision-making and strategic focus.