The Financials module for Sage 200 Extra gives you a view of your business’ financial position at any given point in time. It runs fours key ledgers – nominal, sales, purchasing and cashbook.

  • Web enabled, interactive dashboards and comprehensive reports for purchases, sales and financial summary that help you plan and make more accurate forecasts
  • Flexible open and closed period accounting that suits your requirements
  • Flexible nominal code structure for comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • Batch data upload; request authorisation for transactions before committing them to the nominal ledger
  • Choose to include or exclude VAT in prices
  • Increase efficiency with automated statements, standing orders and direct debits. Increase efficiency by reconciling bank statements with your banking software
  • Advanced multi-currency options, including exchange rate adjustments
  • As your business evolves, understand the effects this has on your cash flow
  • Keep unlimited customer and supplier contact information
  • Integration with Sage 50 Payroll for a single view of all outgoing costs

Manage all aspects of your supply chain from stock management to purchase order processing and stock order processing with the Commercials module for Sage 200 Extra.

  • View all the details of an order, from initial point of contact through to fulfillment of the order
  • Source goods from around the globe and record purchases any of 100 currencies
  • Establish automated authorisation limits and notifications, authorise orders when you’re off-site and keep up with changes or issues with orders, for example incorrect deliveries
  • Organise order lists for your different office locations based upon purchase orders to inform you on which stock to order and when
  • Calculate a running total when you’re matching orders with invoice line items
  • Document disputes to provide yourself with a full audit trail within the system
  • Receive the best deals from suppliers by keeping a record of price history and lead time details
  • Monitor your stock, pinpoint inactive items and calculate your most valuable items
  • Manage discounts, promotions and margins to enable authorised staff to negotiate prices
  • Administer stock items by serial or batch number, and include criteria such as ‘sell-by’ and ‘use-by’ dates

The Business Intelligence module for Sage 200 Extra allows you to mine your data across all elements of your business. You can pinpoint product and customer trends and evaluate performance against different benchmarks.

  • Utilise powerful analytics to mine data quickly and easily and direct your strategies
  • Create personalised reports and visualise your data using graphs and charts
  • Share business data across your entire company
  • Explore different scenarios to measure effectiveness of investments or changes
  • Build customised dashboards and automated reports

Enabling you to identify opportunities for increasing revenues and reducing costs, Sage 200 Project Accounting & WTE simplifies data capture, gives you complete control over all the financial aspects of your projects, providing the information you need to improve profitability.

  • Maximise your profits with this highly configurable and flexible costing application
  • Configure the system to meet your specific needs whether you manage projects or operate in service based industries
  • Save time and increase accuracy with the addition of Web Time and Expenses which allow you to capture timesheet and expenses information from anywhere
  • New and improved timesheets and expenses program allowing you to enter, print and authorise timesheets and expenses via a web browser when you’re out of the office, keeping your project costs right up to date


Save time and money

  • Control all aspects of your projects and associated budgets, identify opportunities for increasing revenues and reduce costs
  • Track the profitability of projects with customised project structures, flexible cost transactions, and drill down analysis
  • Automate invoicing processes and set up billing schedules to ensure accuracy whether you are billing fixed cost projects, time and materials, or by percentage complete
  • Access real time information about all your projects at any time, including progress against budget, billings to date, revenue per project and other project-related information
  • Give project managers control of expenditure by project via integration with a flexible purchase order authorisation facility
  • Improve efficiency and reduce duplication by entering information once


View all your projects in one place and improve visibility of information

  • Track multiple projects in one system and immediately allocate stock purchase or use specifically to a project
  • Seamless integration meaning one source of information for your business better visibility and ability to share data
  • Easy access to the information you need review overall or individual project status, define what you want to see and who needs access, provides real time information in an easy to analyse format.


Customised solution for your business

  • Set up simple or detailed project structures to match your business
  • Customising your solution to the way you work – you can create unlimited parent and sub projects, define the project stages and the relationships between each stage
  • Name and configure fields to match your particular business requirements
  • Add an unlimited number of additional fields and define their function, enabling you to create specific data fields
  • Design workspaces for each individual user, based on their specific role, making it easier to get to the information and processes they need
  • Get in-depth analysis and reporting to make sure projects remain on target and maintain profit levels
  • Caters for different billing requirements at project and customer level including fixed price or event-driven billing – simplify and automate

Sage 200 Bill of Materials breaks down your manufacturing operation into easy to access areas, including materials, labour, machines, operations and reporting.

  • Ideal for businesses involved in light assembly that dont require the full complexity of the manufacturing modules.
  • Breaks down your manufacturing operation into areas, including materials, labour, machines, operations, and reporting.
  • Multiple versions of a BOM can be stored and used, one of which is ˜live at a given time. With version control, only one person can edit or change a BOM at any time. Full change history is stored for each BOM.
  • Track changes to BOM cost over time, which enables you to track material costs changing over time for example.
  • Use flexible build options to set sub-assembly builds, builds from stock, a combination of these or products with multiple units of measure. Picking lists can be produced at any time. Multiple finished items can be included in stock calculations and allocations to ensure allocated goods are not used in error by another process.
  • Add detailed costs for each unit or build run. You can assign labour and machine time for each assembly process to ensure accurate costing and enables detailed costing analysis of builds.
  • Full batch or serial number processing. Our software can record this, enabling you to trace it to the customers who received it. The software automatically maintains essential quality standards and detailed traceability.
  • Use the Bill of Materials module for Sage 200 Extra to manage repetitive batch item production:
  • List the components and processes Raw materials used to manufacture finished goods that make up a Bill of Materials (BOMA stock assembly and process costing system, which provides facilities to specify the structure of finished items in terms of sub-assemblies and components.)
  • Record and review changes to components and assemblies
  • Apply materials, labour, machine, tooling, sub-contract and piece work costs
  • Use the Trial Kitting option to check whether you have sufficient stock to build a quantity of BOMs
  • Identify shortages and raise purchase orders to cover these
  • If you are using Bill of Materials with Manufacturing modules, you can create works orders or sales orders or add the BOM to the list of make to stock items
  • Allocate and reserve stock to build finished items by creating BOM allocations or by building immediately
  • Manage BOM components and BOM history globally

A powerful manufacturing solution, Sage 200 Manufacturing enables you to track supply chain activities in detail, from end to end. It enables you to maintain maximum productivity while ensuring profitability.

  • Receive the information you need to manage and control your business more effectively
  • Maintain maximum productivity and increase customer satisfaction and profitability
  • Whether you are primarily a manufacturer or simply need some manufacturing capability, it supports assembly, repackaging of bulk items, resource planning, scheduling work and materials



Sage has worked closely with customers and partners to create a manufacturing solution that provides the things to support your business’s production processes. We also offer add-ons, which can meet more bespoke requirements.

  • Track supply chain activities in detail, from end to end. It enables you to maintain maximum productivity whilst increasing profitability.
  • Get the information you need to manage and control your business more effectively.
  • Whether you are primarily a manufacturer or simply need some manufacturing capability, it supports assembly, repackaging of bulk items, resource planning, scheduling work and materials.
  • Use Sage 200 Manufacturing to batch manufacture items or as one-off jobs, or both.
  • Sage 200 Manufacturing supports mixed-mode production environments including Job Shop, Batch and Semi-Process, Make to Stock and Make to Order. These all help to reduce lead times and optimise your internal operations, increase quality and thereby boost customer satisfaction.


System Manager Module

  • Standardise settings across different production areas within your business and across the individual modules
  • Sage 200 Manufacturing is able to issue Certificates of Conformity, making it easier for you to monitor quality standards and take the required actions to ensure you manufacture products of the highest quality, to meet the expectations of your customers at all times
  • Stores master records for machine and labour resources and holds a library of production operations


Estimating Module

  • Use the Sage 200 Estimating module to manage production for one-off jobs or non-repetitive batch production:
  • Create detailed estimates, outlining each stage of the production
  • Create estimates quickly, using a default production stage
  • Create many estimates for one customer at one time
  • Enter estimate costs (base currency only) for each stage of the job, under various job cost types
  • Convert estimates to sales orders, works orders or BOMs


Planning Module

  • Use the Sage 200 planning modules to collate production demand and generate a list of recommendations to satisfy that demand.
  • Sage 200 Make to Stock: use the Sage 200 Make to Stock module to manage items that you want to make to stock, independently of demand
  • Sage 200 Sales Forecasts: Use the Sage 200 Sales Forecasts module to manage items that you require to stock, based on forecasts of future sales
  • Sage 200 Master Production Schedule (MPS)
  • View the inventory of work created by the Sage 200 MPS module
  • Generate recommendations for buying (raising purchase orders) or making (raising works orders) stock they can be amended, filtered and sorted, combined or split and then automatically create Purchase and Works Orders, saving time and eliminating the need to manually key data.
  • Recommendations are made considering: lead times, stock levels, work in progress, on order quantities, minimum levels, batch sizing rules, stock locations.
  • View a list of predicted stock for all or a range of products in each time period. If Sage 200 is using multiple locations, you can also look at a range of products from an individual warehouse. You can see stock predictions for products below minimum level, those with negative stock, or those above maximum level.
  • Sage Graphical Planner: use the powerful graphical planner, powered by Preactor, the market leading specialist for planning and scheduling software, alongside the Sage 200 MRP module.


Works Order Module

  • Create batch or one-off works orders manually, or update automatically generated orders
  • Link works orders to sales orders
  • Allocate and issue stock to works orders
  • Manage picking lists and produce works order documentation
  • Manage sub-contracting operations for batch works orders
  • Manage scrapping of failed components and items and substitution of alternatives
  • Cost batch works orders to compare planned and achieved costs
  • Complete and close works orders, passing accurate production costs to the inventory


Operations Times Module

  • Use the Sage 200 Operation Times module, alongside the Sage 200 Works Orders module, to record shop floor operation times retrospectively or in real time.

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