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Are you looking for affordable software solutions tailored to the construction and engineering industries?

Look No Further. We have the Solution. 


Sage is one of the biggest brands in the financial software market. Working with over 6 million businesses across 23 countries worldwide. Offering a range of software solutions to support businesses of all sizes. Helping customers make better decisions, drive faster responses and gain greater control of their finances. Sage helping businesses save time and money. For more information click the images below.

Trusted Brand

Sage is a trusted and reliable brand and is one of the leading providers of software solutions around the world, all those customers just couldn’t be wrong! With products suitable for all sizes of company, it really is the perfect financial software solution for you. With Sage’s unparalleled experience you know you are in safe hands and your investment is safe.

Easy Installation

Sage software can be up and running easily, whether you’re converting over to Sage from an old solution, upgrading your existing Sage package or simply want a local provider we’ll make the installation process easy.  Step-by-step process of installation, data migration, training and support we make choosing Sage the easiest decision you will make for your business.


With millions of users across the world, Sage is renowned for its ease of use. Complex accounting made simple and accurate. From 1 user to many the solution is logical and straightforward, with professional support teams just a click or call away.

Mobile Access

Sage can be used on desktop computers, laptops, smart tablets or even mobile phones with ease. All Devices can by synchronised, making access easy, just the touch of a button when and where you need.

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Construction Software

With over 25 years of experience dealing with the construction industry, we understand just what you need from your software. We have carefully selected the best solutions designed with you in mind, which fit perfectly with Sage. With free on-site assessments, we ensure we build the perfect software package for you. For more information on some key construction and engineering package features we offer click the images below.

Flexible and Competitive Solutions

Easy to use, software, streamlining every stage of the construction and engineering market. We understand that one size does not fit all, with a variety of options, we help to provide your business the perfect fit. Affordable software packages with options including:

Job Costing – 2D & 3D BIM measures – Estimating – Tendering – Housebuilding – Variations billing and Retentions – Post Contract – Document Management – Subcontractors and Supply Chain – HMRC / Revenue Compliance

Mobile Apps

Helping your Quantity Surveyors, Project Manager, Site Foremen all communicate easily and efficiently, with the office based staff, saving you time and money. The options for mobile apps available are:


– Goods Received Notes – Invoice Approval – Expenses – Timesheets – Purchase Requisitions 

We Know Your Industry

Understanding what you need and delivering what you want:

– Purchase Requisitions  – Plant Hire Manager – Goods Received Notes – Job Costing – Time sheets – Cash Flow Manager  – Subcontractors RCT/CIS   – Document Management System – Expenses

Enhance And Develop

When the market demands change, Sherwood Systems and our extensive range of quality products can react quickly and securely. Our product suite is developed in line with current and future industry requirements, anticipating change and reacting ahead of competitors. Allowing you to have peace of mind.

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