Below you will find videos from our selected suppliers of construction software. Over the years Sherwood Systems have been dedicated to supplying software solutions to the construction industry. We have been providing our products to meet the needs of construction firms of all sizes and budgets across Ireland. Below are a few videos explaining some of the benefits you will get from our software solutions.

Our construction software solutions are based around one of the biggest and most reliable financial accounting software packages known around the world. Sage is used by over a million companies across the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Sage software is the chosen financial software for many construction organisations across Ireland, for its powerful interface which allows you to keep all your income and outgoings in the one easy to see place. Sage is also renowned for it’s easy to use interface that allows you to use the application from a wide range of devices with no delay. Sage ensures that all the data is updated in real-time and can be used by multiple staff at the same time. With multiple packages available, Sage is the perfect software to suit your organisations budget and size.

This feature allows your staff both on-site and office based to post purchase requests as and when required. Allowing your staff to add any justification paperwork when requesting the materials to make the order process run more smoothly. It also allows you to set a chain of command on who can post purchase requests to ensure that only authorized personnel are requesting orders. You can set limits on the amount each staff member can spend to give you clarity and ensure you stay within your budget. The purchase requisition module allows you to add and amend a list of predetermined suppliers of materials to ensure that staff select best quality and price. Staff can print documents as and when required. Using this application on a mobile device on site is one of the best benefits to staff, as easy to use as sending a text, it enables collection of delivery dockets / goods received notes to be collated easily and transferred in real-time back to the office and into Sage.

Have you ever wanted the flexibility and power to authorize your business invoices on the go? Have you ever wanted to be able to view and approve invoice from the touch of a button? This application has ability to do just that! You can even adjust VAT rates and have the power to adjust your finances based on VAT charges making life easier when dealing with different tax rates across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Is keeping track of employee expense claims an issue for your finance department? Is keeping track of expenses becoming a hassle for everyone? Would you like an all-in-one application to complete this with ease? We have the solution to all your expense issues! You can easily configure the application based on users. Meaning you can set expense limits for individual employees to ensure that no one spends more than required. You’ll also be able to set up fixed payment rates for specific travel options such as fuel rates for mileage calculations which can be adjusted based on the prices of fuel when needed. The application also allows users to easily snap pictures of expense documents and send them through to your accounting department for verification by the touch of a button. This application gives your finance department more time to work on other business areas rather than chasing expense slips saving your business time and money in the long run.

Do you need a secure digital system to monitor your employees clock in time, lunch times, clock out time, holidays, sick periods and everything in between? The solution is here. This time sheet module gives you full control over your employees, contractors and subcontractor to ensure clarity when processing work pattern payments each month. For employees, contractors and subcontractors using this module they have the ability to submit their time sheets digitally at the end of each day, week or month for authorization of their payments, making the whole process effortless and more streamlined. The application also has the ability to incorporate trends in working schedules to make payments easy and even has the sophistication to allow overtime, late working hours and weekend work when required.

The Fixed Assets module allows you to keep track of all your company assets in one easy to access database. Ensuring you have you have total control and accountability on all company assets. You can easily track your assets within different categories, allowing you ease of access to information at the touch of a button. Detailed information on your Fixed Assets such as purchase cost, safety information, when it should be replaced and when it needs integrity tested to comply with safety regulations are all available within this module. It is ideal for keeping track of all your company assets and ensuring that all equipment is up to safety standard therefore making it the perfect application feature for your construction company.

The Cash Flow Manager allows you to see your financial position clearly. The Cash Flow Manager has flawless integration with Sage ensuring human error and data migration errors which could have previously occurred when using multiple spreadsheets and applications are now a thing of the past. The Cash Flow manager allows you to easily access purchase and sales information to see exactly your financial position. This essential module permits you to diary payment scheduling to ensure that you know exactly when you’re due to receive payments. Keeping track of retention on both purchase and sales ledgers with due dates is made easy, forecasting cashflow up to 5 years is available with this comprehensive module. Making management reporting of current and future financial position more accurate and efficient, saving time and money.

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