Disaster Recovery


Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are integral parts of the overall risk management for your business. It is important to prepare for potentially disruptive events by implementing a thorough disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Business Continuity and Disaster recovery are equally vital as they provide detailed strategies on how the you will continue to operate after severe interruptions and disasters.

In the event of a disaster, the continued operations of your company depend on the ability to replicate your IT systems and your data. A good DR plan, in the event of a disaster will enable you to restore operations quickly, whilst also minimising the long term negative impact on your business.

Business Continuity


Business continuity planning is more comprehensive. Whilst DR is a part of Business continuity, a good business continuity plan will keep you up and running through interruptions of any kind: Power failures, IT system crashes and natural disasters like floods and hurricanes. Unlike disaster recovery, business continuity involves keeping all aspects of your business functioning rather than just your technology systems.

Our technical experts can advise you on the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity options that are available to you, which meet your specific requirements in terms of technology, budget, recovery point and time objectives. We ensure that the solutions put in place are secure, cost effective, reliable and future proof, giving you peace of mind.

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