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Protect your business with powerful security services.

Safeguard your business against evolving cyber threats with our comprehensive cyber security solutions.

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Protect your business with cutting-edge cyber security services

Empower your business against cyber threats with our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions, including robust email protection, security awareness training, identity and access security and enterprise-grade endpoint protection, all supported by over 40 years of industry expertise and responsive customer service.

Email and Data Protection with Compliance

Ensure the integrity of your communications and data. Our 365 Anti-Spam/Malware solution shields your organisation from spam and malware, providing robust email security and encryption for enhanced data protection. Benefit from features like email live tracking and compliance measures with 365 Total Protection from Hornetsecurity and Microsoft Defender for 365.

Security Awareness Training

Empower your team to recognise and respond to potential threats. Our Security Awareness Service offers realistic simulations of phishing attacks, complemented by comprehensive training modules and actionable e-learning videos. Boost your cybersecurity awareness with Hornetsecurity’s fully automated service.

Identity and Access Security

Secure applications and accounts with services using Microsoft Entra ID including single sign-on, conditional access and Multi-factor Authentication(MFA). Adding additional layers of protection to the sign-in process and securing accounts further by requesting additional identity verification from users, access policies based on set conditions such as user or device location and manage multiple applications with single sign-on streamlining the account management process.

Enterprise-Grade Endpoint Protection

Fortify your infrastructure against potential threats with Broadcom’s comprehensive Endpoint Security solution. This includes anti-malware, intrusion prevention, and firewall features to safeguard your servers and endpoints effectively.

Get a personalised Cyber Security review

Enhance your digital resilience with a personalized cybersecurity review tailored to your unique needs.

Case Study: A One Tyres

Efficient and reliable IT support

“We moved to Sherwood Systems looking for a reliable, pro-active approach and haven’t looked back. When anything goes wrong with the IT infrastructure, Sherwood’s response is prompt and effective. We no longer have to worry about IT support, it just happens! Sherwood is a valuable asset in back-office support for small businesses who do not have internal IT resources.”

Suzanne Walker

A One Tyres

Why Sherwood Systems?

Sherwood Systems possesses extensive expertise in implementing and providing Managed IT Services to businesses throughout the UK & Ireland.

Smooth Implementation and Transition

Smooth platform transition and implementation.

Proven track record of success

Over 40 years of experience in the IT industry.

Responsive Telephone Support

Easily accessible telephone support from the UK & Ireland.

Rapid Support Response Time

92.4% of inquiries addressed within 1 hour.

Managed IT Services news

Other Managed IT services.

Managed IT Support

Enhance productivity and secure collaboration with our Managed IT Support: helpdesk, hardware assistance, network management, Wi-Fi, patching, subscriptions.

Business Continuity

Disaster recovery, on-premise and cloud backup, proactive monitoring. Safeguard your business, restore your data, and ensure system reliability.

Cloud Services

Unlock productivity and secure collaboration with Microsoft 365, hybrid working solutions, cloud computing, data storage, and backup services.

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