Moving from SAGE 50 to 200

At Sherwood, we understand that your business is constantly evolving and as you change and grow, you need to be sure that your software is continuing to meet your requirements. If you find that you need more from your software, we’re here to help you find an alternative solution that’s the ideal fit for your business.

Over the years, many of our Sage 50 Accounts customers have upgraded their software to meet the needs of their growing business and Sage 200 has been the next natural step for customers wanting to move to a more powerful solution. Sage 200 builds on the functionality of Sage 50 Accounts, bringing together your back-office systems to provide a complete view of your business at your fingertips.

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Why Our Clients Love Sage 200

  Accurate insight

Save time and support key decisions by getting straight to the business-critical data you need. Sage 200c presents facts and figures in a meaningful way and gives you critical insights when and where you need them.


  Greater control

Offering more than just accounts, Sage 200c helps you build a joined up, efficient business — connecting all your departments — from sales to customer services, despatch to financials and giving the right data to the right people.


  Connected office

Microsoft Office 365 is simple to use and enables anytime, anywhere access to your contacts data and provides quick and easy collaboration across your entire organisation.

  Access data anytime, anywhere

Sage 200c offers the option to access critical information when away from the office or out on the road. Sage 200c makes it easy to keep in touch when you’re visiting customers or suppliers, and makes home working straightforward.


  Detailed reporting

Produce detailed reports by region, sales representative, industry type, customer rating account manager, partner and much more. Easily forecast and budget for customers, suppliers and projects.


  The choice is yours

A flexible, customisable solution that gives you more insight and control than ever. Choose upfront or monthly payments. Choose the modules you need to manage your business. choose the options that are right for you.

• Eliminate errors caused by manually copying and entering data multiple times

• Real-time data updates allow you to grow the business as one coordinated team

• Avoid duplication of data across sources

• Prevent inaccuracies by eliminating database failures and speeding up order processing

• Tackle projects you didn’t have time for before

• Save time with new, more powerful and easier to use products in the cloud or on your local server

• Eliminate delays due to the use of manual spreadsheets, reconciliation and period-end closing
• Increase productivity by rethinking and streamlining your normal day-to-day processes
• Connect everyone (employees, partners, suppliers and customers) by using one common system
• Automatically organise and categorise data in more detail-oriented way
• Improve efficiency and productivity of your back office
• Link up processes across departments: from procurement to manufacturing, sales to accounting

• Make well-informed decisions using custom dashboards to access the KPIs that matter most
• Spot investment opportunities thanks to deep insights into payables and receivables
• A complete view of performance because everything’s in one place
• View the level of detail you need by building custom reports specific to your business or industry

• Comprehensive and reliable data on all your customer interactions
• Better visibility and insight of each department’s performance helps you drive the business forward

• Minimise delays in your businesses financial workflows
• Get paid faster and reduce exposure to financial risk and bad debt
• Reduce operating expenses by seeing what the costs really are
• Negotiate better terms by understanding the nature of your relationship with suppliers and being better informed
• Make daily operations more efficient by putting the right processes and people in place
• Control ongoing software cost by adopting an online solution

• Mission-critical business information delivered to your fingertips

• A modern solution that adjusts to the way you operate, not the other way round

• Handle whatever you want to do, both now and in the future, with software to take your business forward

• Work across countries and companies and grow your business with one reliable solution

• Integrates seamlessly with the other business tools

• Drive future growth by freeing up time for better forward-planning