Sage 200 2023 R2 – What’s new?

Released in August 2023 for all Sage 200 product variants, Sage 200 2023 R2 marks a significant milestone, building upon the web features introduced earlier and bringing you even greater flexibility and customisation options.

Web Amendability: Web screen customisation capabilities for Sage 200 Professional

Bringing the same level of customisation capability to the web that you have on the desktop. Enabling you to enjoy the wide range of customisations and add ons in the Web, opening up Sage 200 to a whole new range of possibilities.

Using a variety of approaches, from a new low code/ no code data driven approach, all the way through to harnessing the full power of the JavaScript ecosystem.

Building on the fantastic capabilities of the Sage 200 Software Developer Kit (SDK), Sage are also introducing the ability to amend existing Sage 200 API and add your own. This offers even more opportunities for integrating with Sage 200.

Web Amendability: Web screen customisation capabilities for Sage 200 Standard

Introducing the new capability to customise Sage 200 Standard! Bringing to the fore a whole range of possibilities with customisable Web Screens.

The ability to add your own fields to Web Screens allows you to store, validate, update & retrieve data that is specific to your business needs.

Web Amendability: Web screen sample apps

Three new sample apps that have been built with the new web customisation tools are now available to help understand the power and capability Sage‘s new Web Amendability model provides. These apps are practical examples designed to show how customers can take advantage of the new customisation capabilities available in the web, to fine tune their Sage 200 solution. These apps enable you to:

  • Sales Order: Save contract number and line item delivery instructions
  • Stock record: Manage quality assurance details and supplier classification, with new fields *
  • Customer record: Keep track of customer communications, with new tab and record entry fields.*

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Maintenance of line updates

IT technology is a fluctuating environment and as operating systems, and solutions which Sage 200 integrates with, evolve, it is vital to adapt and update Sage 200 to maintain the latest security protocols and user experience.

Therefore, this release includes several minor improvements which include:

  • Change from Windows O/S to Windows 11 Multisession on Sage Partner Cloud deployments
  • Updates to banking and invoice payments components
  • User interface updates based on branding changes
  • Known issue resolution

Republic of Ireland – Intrastat

Navigating the intricacies of adherence to regulations poses a prevalent challenge in the realm of business. The latest iteration of Sage 200 for the year 2023, known as R2, takes a step towards addressing this issue by introducing tailored Intrastat capabilities designed specifically for the Republic of Ireland. This new inclusion facilitates the utilisation of double-digit transaction codes for both dispatches and arrivals.

With this enhancement, users will find themselves better equipped to align their compliance efforts with the latest regulatory requirements. Previously, the system only permitted the entry of single-digit codes, ranging from 1 to 9. However, this update empowers users to input double-digit codes, mirroring the format employed by HMRC’s double-digit Intrastat entries. Sage is continuing to ensure it’s up to date with the latest government compliance with the information found here.

Migration tool update

Optimisation of the Sage 50 Accounts to Sage 200 migration tool, in order to remain technically compliant with latest Sage 50 Accounts releases. Sage 50 Accounts migration tool now covers v29.2.

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