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Transform your business with cloud solutions.

Elevate your business with Sherwood Systems' comprehensive Cloud Solutions, integrating Microsoft 365 Modern Work, robust Azure hosting, and secure identity management.

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Unleash the Power of Cloud with Sherwood Systems

Transform your business with Sherwood Systems’ cutting-edge cloud solutions. As a trusted Microsoft Business Partner, we offer streamlined services to enhance efficiency, security and scalability.

Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace

Empower Your Team with Microsoft 365 Suite. Boost business performance and productivity with our cloud-based suite, featuring the latest Microsoft 365 applications including:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Online: Collaborate seamlessly on projects, share documents, and enhance teamwork.
  • Microsoft Teams: Foster real-time communication, file sharing, and collaboration within your organization.
  • Microsoft Viva Engage: Facilitate open communication and networking across your company.

Microsoft Azure

Unleash the Power of Microsoft Azure. Leverage Microsoft Azure for robust and scalable cloud solutions, including:

  • Infrastructure Hosting: Host your company’s infrastructure with the reliability and security of Azure.
  • Application Hosting: Optimize application performance with Azure’s powerful hosting capabilities.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Seamlessly integrate on-premises and cloud solutions for enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

Microsoft Entra

Secure Identity and Access Management. Ensure the highest level of security with Microsoft Entra, providing:

  • Identity Management: Safeguard your organization’s identity with advanced authentication and authorization.
  • Access Management: Control access to critical resources and data, enhancing overall security.

Why Sherwood Systems?

Sherwood Systems possesses extensive expertise in implementing and providing Managed IT Services to businesses throughout the UK & Ireland.

Smooth Implementation and Transition

Smooth platform transition and implementation.

Proven track record of success

Over 40 years of experience in the IT industry.

Responsive Telephone Support

Easily accessible telephone support from the UK & Ireland.

Rapid Support Response Time

92.4% of inquiries addressed within 1 hour.

Elevate your business with Cloud Solutions

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Case Study: A One Tyres

Efficient and reliable IT support

“We moved to Sherwood Systems looking for a reliable, pro-active approach and haven’t looked back. When anything goes wrong with the IT infrastructure, Sherwood’s response is prompt and effective. We no longer have to worry about IT support, it just happens! Sherwood is a valuable asset in back-office support for small businesses who do not have internal IT resources.”

Suzanne Walker

A One Tyres

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Managed IT Services

Complete IT support for efficient, secure business operations, ensuring smooth technology management and optimisation.

Business Continuity

Guarantee uninterrupted operations and data protection with disaster recovery, backup solutions, and proactive monitoring services.

Cyber Security

Safeguard your business with solutions including email protection, awareness training, identity security and endpoint protection.

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Our knowledge and experience is just a phone call away