Sage 200 2024 R1 – What’s new?

Released in February 2024 for all Sage 200 product variants, this release includes new Web Screens, alongside major improvements to new and updated API endpoints and migration tools.

Better user experience, greater flexibility with new web screens

Web Screens – Purchase Orders, Create, Amend, View

This release of Sage 200 (all variants) includes POP dispatch web screens providing the ability to do purchase order entry, amendment and view within a browser.

Find out more in the Web Screen product help: Sage 200 Standard | Sage 200 Professional

Find out more in the product help: Sage 200 Standard | Sage 200 Professional

Reduce the admin burden within your Accounts Payable (AP) processes

Web Screens – Purchase Orders, List View, and Status

Take advantage of the new filtering capabilities and a simple way to see the status or your purchases – adjusting to your business needs.

Find out more in the product help: Sage 200 Standard | Sage 200 Professional

Technical Compliance

Ensure your system stays up to date with our latest technical compliance updates.

Celebrate business growth with greater business management

Migration tool updates will cover Sage 50 Accounts v30.0

Whether you need greater functionality, looking for a true cloud-native solution, or greater choice of integrated applications, Sage 200 is the next step for a successful and growing business.

Find out more in the product help: Sage 200 Migration overview

Automation & Simplicity – giving you more choice

New API fields and/or changes to existing API functionality to expand automation, opening the door to a wider ecosystem of applications (ISV Solutions), increasing the services and automation workflows available, allowing you to connect your business and build a truly custom-made solution to meet your specific business’s needs.

Find out more in the product help: Sage 200 Standard | Sage 200 Professional

SPC Azure Image

Updates to SPC – Microsoft Azure VM Image

Deploying the latest images unlocks a wider number of benefits including keeping up to date with Microsoft product lifecycle.

An interface tailored to your device

Responsive Design for Sales Orders & Quotes: New, Amend, View

Our responsive design enables the automatic adaption of the order screen to fit whatever device you’re using. Streamlining the path to keep our customers up to date, compliant and enjoying the new features.

Changes to URLs for Ideas Portal

Access our new ideas to have your say.

Sage 200 Ideas Portal

Changes to URLs for Opayo (formerly Sagepay)

Changes to update payments.

Please note that these changes are for Sage 200 Professional and SPC. Sage 200 Standard and Education will be available in Sage 200 2024 R2.

Changes to exporting data to Excel

Simplify and deliver consistency of how to export files from self-service, and the product grids to a file download that you can then open in your system of choice.

Technical changes to allow data exports, usually associated with a desktop installed Excel to move to a ‘save as’ rather than an open direct in application.

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